PFRANKMD Bespoke Skincare with IST (Individual Skin Technology)


Have you failed to see the results you desire with over the counter skincare products? Have you considered pursuing online customization options, but are concerned about the lengthy turnaround times or if the products are actually right for you? PRANKMD’s Bespoke skincare may be for you! With the help of IST, a cream is carefully formulated for your unique skin and needs. Discover the benefits during a consultation with us at the office of Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank in New York, NY.

What Is Bespoke Skincare?

Bespoke skincare from PFRANKMD is an answer for customized skincare. The process combines data collected from skin testing during a consultation and from an in-depth questionnaire to develop a skincare cream just for you. With the help of IST (individual skin technology), it is possible to determine which of the more than 50 million combinations may be best suited for you and your skincare needs. The IST device is the first and only in-office compounding device that is able to create customized skincare right away.

How Does Individual Skin Technology Work?

The Bespoke skincare process begins with a consultation. During your consultation, your skin will involve testing your skin for concerns like:

  • pH value via a pH special electrode
  • Skin lipid content via the Sebumeter method
  • Skin moisture content via the Corneometer probe

You will also complete a comprehensive questionnaire. This questionnaire also allows for noting allergies, special skincare needs, distinctive skin features, and abnormalities that may require special treatment.

All of this data is gathered and input into a sophisticated computer program. The algorithm determines the best combination and percentages of the 18 different active ingredients available. The ingredients are mixed to produce your unique skin cream within 10 minutes, right before your eyes! There are two different types of base cream to help you determine which cream best fits your needs and texture preferences. Your unique Bespoke skincare with IST product is hygienically sealed and labeled with a production date.

Our Bespoke skincare products have an estimated shelf life of six months. Your unique cream formula is bar coded for future production, and the ingredients are also clearly listed on the container. Skin experiences changes over time, and the technology allows us to tailor future products to your needs and changing skin.

Could I Benefit from Bespoke Skincare?

Nearly anyone may be able to benefit from Bespoke skincare with IST! Your skincare product is formulated with your unique skin and needs in mind. During the formulation process, your allergies, sensitivities, and concerns are noted. These products can be formulated for most skin types. A consultation with our professionals in New York can help you better understand how you may benefit from our customized skincare products.

 Schedule Your Consultation!

Personalized skincare may be more accessible than you think. Contact us today at the office of Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank and schedule a visit to learn more about Bespoke skincare with IST! Dr. Frank and his providers proudly serve you from New York, New York. We look forward to helping you achieve the healthy, beautiful skin you desire!